Luxury Massages at Inspire Beauty in Catford, London

Our beauty therapists offer a wide range of luxurious and blissful massages designed to relax and restore mind and body.   All our therapists are highly trained to deliver the best body massages which will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to face the day!

Swedish Massage – £45 (60 mins)

swedish massageThe Swedish Massage is one of our most popular body treatments.  It relaxes and restores the body and mind, relieving stress and releasing tension.

Our trained beauty therapists will talk to you about what you want to achieve from your Swedish Massage.  The massage can be slow and gentle or more vigorous to release any muscular ‘knots’ caused by stress.

You will leave feeling rested and recharged with a much calmer mind-set. Ideal for body aches and pains.

Hot Stone Massage – £50 (60 mins)

hot stone massage at Inspire BeautyA deep massage using heated volcanic basalt stones to treat the body and face.

Heated stones are placed on key energy points on the body allowing you to let go of stress, restore balance and create sensations of comfort and warmth.

The stones are used to expertly massage the body using traditional techniques to release muscular tensions and balance the spirit.

Express Massage – £25 (30 mins)

Targeting back, neck and shoulders.

Foot Massage – £10 (15 mins)

Relaxing foot & lower leg massage.

Hand Massage – £10 (15 mins)

Soothing hand & lower arm massage.