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  1. Hi Bella

    Thank you for your comments.

    Firstly the Treatcard is not something we have to offer… we do this to reward our clients for coming to us.

    Secondly the Treatcard system has run this way successfully for c7 years and this is the first time we have received such a complaint.

    It specifically states online against “specific treats” and “Loyalty Points can be redeemed against TREATS specified by Inspire Beauty only”

    If you would prefer not to collect points and not to receive any complementary treatments that is your prerogative however most people are very pleased with the fact that they can receive complementary services.

    Management x

  2. I had my hair highlighted and trimmed today by Clyde and I am absolutely delighted with it. The best colour I have had in years and he made me feel relaxed and confident in his decision.

    Absolutely coming back in 7 weeks

    Kinda regards

    Lesley Haynes from New Zealand

  3. Just wanted to thank and highly recommend Natasha (Colon hydrotherapy via Treatwell). My treatment went smoothly, Natasha was knowledgeable, very professional, kind and reassuring. I would definitely recommend her. I have had treatments elsewhere and think she is a perfect therapist.

  4. Hi, I’m thinking of coming in for a full set of eyelash extensions using the new client voucher (I applied for today). I have used the salon before but quite a few years ago. Would I need to have a patch test or anything for the extensions- cos I have in mind when I need them done for.

  5. Very impressed with my first visit to Inspire, very nice welcome by Clyde, he made me feel so at ease. He listened to my request and acted on them. Love my hair cut. I will definitely be back. ??

  6. hi can i book my appointment for semi permanent eye lash extension and nail polish on Wednesday 20th of September pls?

  7. I am looking to buy a luxury manicure and pedicure voucher as a gift for my mum. Can i use the 50% on voucher purchases? Neither me nor my mother have visited the salon before.


    1. Hi Jessica

      You cannot buy a voucher with a voucher I’m afraid. Would suggest you purchase a voucher in a cash amount which would work out.

  8. Hi please can you tell me why Cali is not recommended for people with type 2 diabeties. I have tried to find out why with no luck.

    1. Hi Sue

      It is to do with the loss of skin sensation and increased sensitivity/bruising. If diet controlled you are able to have this done but we need to do a skin test first. If insulin dependent, we would need a doctors note.

      Hope that helps.

  9. Hello,
    I’ve booked an appointment with yourselves on Friday the 2nd at 11am to have HD brows done this will be the first time having this done. I was just wondering when you’d like me to pop in to have the skin test done to make sure I don’t have a reaction to the tint used? As I am coming in tomorrow to use the stand up sunbeds

  10. Hello,
    I’m looking to start using your stand up tanning booths quick soon.
    I’ve never used a tanning booth before and I’m of a pale complexion and I’ve never really tanned.
    I was just wondering as a beginner would I be able to just do 3 minutes at a time. I’ve noticed your prices start from 6 minutes.

  11. Hi, I am currently going on a hair journey from heat damage to natural. I need a hair cut badly and came across your salon. Just wondering what the first client deals are for this?

    1. Hi

      In order to use the voucher you would need to book in on a Tuesday or Thursday with Sandra. You can book a consultation with her on any day if you would like to do that first.

  12. Hi do you guys dye weave? I want to get a pink shade colour on my natural hair and weave and then style. If so how much thank you.

    1. Hi Hannah

      We do yes, you would need to book in for a consultation – we cannot quote without I’m afraid

  13. I have booked in for a shellac-gel manicure 11am Sunday. I am very interested in the ‘chrome nails’….is there additional costs for this? Thank you.

  14. Hi, I have curly mixed raced hair.
    I want my hair washed cut and blow dried.
    Would I book under European hair or Afro Caribbean hair?

  15. Hello,

    Can you please tell me how much it costs to have my hair braided with extensions? Single plaits or cornrows.


    1. Hi Alice

      That would depend on different factors – best thing would be to book in for a consultation

  16. Just had a colonic irrigation session with Natasha and really highly recommend it. She was extremely calming, professional and reassuring. Her knowledge and experience definitely was second to none.

  17. Hello I have relaxed hair which is shoulder length , I was wondering about whether I could get balayage done to my hair with the olapex treatment . I also want to know about how much it would cost thanks .

    1. Hi Deb

      This is possible yes. The best thing would be to book in for a consultation and a price can be given at that point also.

  18. Hi
    I am feed up with having weave on done my hair is long but has no volume and I am tired of also wearing wigs what can I do with my natural hair

  19. Hello. I have dark skin as I am African but I have even darker spots on my legs due to insect bites that never quite healed right. I’m wondering if a tan would be alright on my skintone and if it will cover up my dark spots. I’d like to wear shorts and skirts without being embarrassed.

    1. Hi Ope

      Unfortunately a spray tan will not cover up your dark spots. It can help to give a bit of a glow and evening out on some black skins, but please come in for a consultation so we can assess. Alternatively you could try a course of Microdermabrasion treatments.

  20. Hi
    I’m interested in having the works done by the works I mean I want to have HD eyebrows done, manicure and pedicure with shellac, use the sunned, use the flabelos and also have a cut and colour done to my hair.
    Have you got any appointments for the 25th June?
    I would like to also have a consultation on my hair before I have it done.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Heidi

      We have availability yes. Please call the salon on 02086902234 or you can use the online booking function

  21. Hi,
    I have tried to book for a consultation as I’m interested in the Kerastraight and the micro rings using the range of colours you have in stock that may match with my current colour but it only offers me one option to book for a consultation. Would it be easier just to call instead?

  22. Hi, I’d like to get a spray tan done. I’ve never had one before. Was wondering if you could tell me how it works? How much it is? And how long it lasts for? Also, are you available today or tomorrow?
    Thank you

  23. I was looking to get my hair ombréd but could not find a price for this on the price list! How much would it be just for the ombré alone? And also how much for the ombré with a cut and blow dry? Thank you

    1. Hi Jade

      You will need to have a consultation for exact pricing as it can be dependent on a few things

  24. Hi, can you tell me if you need more than one Kerastraight treatment, my daughter is of dual heritage white/carribean. also how much will it cost and how far in advance would I need to book as we live in Kent.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Nicola

      You will need a Kerastraight treatment approx every 3 months. The price for this is £129. We accept walk-ins if we have slots available – there is no specific amount of days to book in advance it depends on availability

  25. Im looking to get some hair extentions, either microloop or the Russian bonds I think it’s called,I was wondering how much it might be for a full head 22-24″, thanks

  26. Hi,

    I had micro-ring hair extensions in a couple of months ago and want to reuse the hair. Some of the glue has come away from some of the hair and the extensions themselves are in need of some repair. Do you offer this service? And providing the hair is useable can you fit a half head?


    1. Hi Marianna

      We do yes, however you would need to book in for a consultation and bring the hair with you so this can be assessed.

  27. Hi,
    I am currently getting my acrylics done quite cheaply having read about the dangers of MMA acrylic I need a change. What acrylic do you use?

  28. Hi,

    I have very localised pockets of fat on my hips that just won’t go, no matter how much I diet or exercise. I had liposuction years ago but it didn’t achieve much as my skin is really saggy around that area. Could lipofirm help reduce inches and tighten tge skin in that area?Thank you.

  29. Hi,

    I’m looking to get my hair cut. I currently have afro hair that has been relaxed. It is currently medium length (up to my chin) and I’m looking to have it cut very short in a similar fashion to Nia Long (website image). Could you let me know what prices I’d be looking at for that service?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Wiktoria

      Yes a Bio Gel Overlay can be done. We do not do enhancements/extensions on under 16s.

  30. Hi there, please can you tell me if you do sculptured nails (ie extensions without tips) and if so how much they are and which system you use? Many thanks

    1. Hi

      We do sculpted nails with either Gel (Brisa hard gel, Bio Sculpture or Brisa soak off gel) or Acrylic at £45 for a full set

  31. Hi, what the difference between shellac, gelish and bio sculpture nails? Also I have very week Nails so shellac only last for a few days.

    1. Hi Veronica

      Shellac and Gelish are a cross between Gel and Polish. Bio Sculpture is a Gel. If you have weak nails we recommend the Bio Sculpture or Shellac + Brisa Smoothing Gel.


    1. Hi Maria

      It applies to one full priced treatment only and not to courses.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions

  32. Hi,

    Another question about the LipoFirm treatment…Can it address the cellulite on the buttocks without affecting the size? I have quite a few dimples on my butt and it could do with some tightening too, but I don’t want to reduce its volume!

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Sophie

      We are unable to guarantee that as it is a reduction treatment. Maybe you could just have a skin tightening treatment, but it would be best to come in and have a consultation with a therapist.

  33. Hi there,

    I may be interested in the LipoFirm…but could you please clarify what ‘one area per course of treatments’means? If I were to have my love handles done, would you only work on one side?

    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Sophie

      We would work on both sides yes. One area being stomach or bum or thighs etc


  34. Hello,

    I’m looking to get my nails done, but I’ve never had them done before so I’m a bit clueless!

    I was hoping to come in on April 8th. Could you let me know how much time to allow?

    Also I wanted to get a set of false nails, pink and white. Could you let me know how much that would be and whether your new customer discount would apply?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Nell

      Apologies – we had a glitch. I am aware you have probably already called or come in by now.

      The 25% new client discount can be used on a full priced treatment £25 or greater.

      If you go to the online booking, there is a list of the services and the times we allocate.


  35. Morning…i had my nails painted yesterday and had bio sculpture. When I rang to book, I asked if Wednesday discount applied and advised only applies to shellac. I’m just a little confused because on shellac offer page in brackets includes any other gel nail treatment. Can you please just clarify this for me..many thanks tc

    1. Hi Tracey

      Apologies if this was not clear. The offer applies to Shellac or any of the Gel Polish ranges we hold (i.e. Gelish, OPI Gel Color, Gel II). Bio Sculpture is a Gel and not a Gel Polish, hence it is listed and priced separately.


      Inspire Beauty

  36. Hi, I am looking to an alternative for weaving or bonding as my hair just needs some volume. I am afro caribbean will micro loop extensions work on my relaxed hair? as I cannot find it included as a choice.

    many thanks

    1. Apologies for the delay in coming back to you Harriet.

      Yes Micro rings is an option. Please book a consultation in and we will go through your options and answer any queries you may have.

      Inspire Beauty

  37. Hi. I am looking to start using sunbeds but I have never used them before, my skin tends to tan in the sun although I have a pale complexion. Would a sunbed be safe to use and do I need to use a suncream?

  38. My cousin is 34 years old and is recovering from breast cancer. She feels totally depressed as her eyebrows are non existent and in her words, she “feels like a freak”. She has 2 children, so has to do the school run, and I know she feels very self conscious about going out without pencilled brows, but she is now worrying about going on her much needed holiday, because she is worried the make up will come off in the pool. Please could you let me know if HD brows offers anything for her, as I know it will make a huge difference to her confidence. I have seen that you have re growth products, and wonder if cancer patients are able to use them? Many thanks for any advice you can give.

    1. Hi Carly

      Unfortunately HD Brows is a definition treatment and therefore would not be suitable. There are however products available to aid with the hair growth.

      We also provide Brow Perfect which involves fixing synthetic hairs directly to the skin. This may be the best option, however would not withstand a long holiday.

      Please feel free to call the salon and talk to our brow specialist Caseta on 02086902234

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