Keratin Straightening


Fed up with dry, frizzy hair?  Longing for smooth, shiny, silky hair?  We have a great hair smoothing treatment which will transform you hair here at Inspire Hair & Beauty.

KeraStraight Hair Smoothing & Repair

This fabulous hair straightening and repair treatment will transform your hair, leaving it smooth, soft and shiny for up to three months. Our expert stylists will work keratin into your hair and then sealing it with special straightening irons.

With other hair straightening treatments you can feel as if your hair is weighed down with product until you are allowed to wash your hair a few days later.  With KeraStraight you can wash your hair immediately if you so wish!

We think you’ll agree that the KeraStraight Blow Dry is the best semi-permanent hair straightening treatment around.  It produces incredible results and it uses a low ph protein that is very effective and free from nasty chemicals!

Come and talk to our stylists for a free no-obligation consultation.  We can assess your hair and advise on the cost and time it will take to transform your hair.  

Which Hair Types Respond Best to KeraStraight?

KeraStraight works really well on all hair types from dry and damaged hair to naturally curly and afro-caribbean hair.

Kerastraight hair straightening Catford hair salon












The four women above each complained of different hair issues including dry & damaged light hair, naturally curly, frizzy hair that was difficult to control, very long curly dry hair, and dry and dull afro-Caribbean hair that took ages to style.  After just one treatment with KeraStraight their hair was straighter, shinier, in much better condition and quicker to style.