Afro Hair Services

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Afro hair services

At our hair and beauty salon in Catford our specialist stylists are trained to create beautiful and stylish hairstyles for women with natural afro and multi-textured hair and relaxed hair.

We are proud to work with the MIZANI luxury hair care brand (part of L’Oréal USA) which is specifically formulated to care for the hair and scalp of women with afro and excessively curly hair textures.  We also work with and recommend Affirm and Keracare.

We offer a complete line of professional treatments, relaxers, shampoos, conditioners and styling products.  Each MIZANI formula is customised to suit the individual needs of different hair types including naturally curly, highly textured, colour-treated and relaxed hair.

If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to your hair, check out these styles for afro, mixed race and multi-textured hair.  Remember that we can also help you to transition from natural to relaxed hair and vice versa, and we are experts in applying weaves and braids.

We can create unique, stylish and contemporary hairstyles for women with afro, mixed race, multi textured, curly or relaxed hair. We work on hair that is short, mid-length or long and we are trained to understand how your hair ‘works’ and which styles will suit you.

Short Hairstyles for Afro & Multi-Textured Hair

266Short hairstyles are more versatile than ever and can work really well on afro and mixed race hair.

If your short afro hairstyle has been relaxed, we recommend you rebook an appointment at Inspire Hair every 4-6 weeks to relax the regrowth and have your hair cut into shape.

Tapered hairstyles – where the hair graduates into the neck – can look great on relaxed hair.

Naturally curly short hair can also look fantastic but also needs regular cutting and styling to keep it looking stylish.

Mid-Length Afro Curly Hair

afro hairstyles, inspire hair salon in catfordLonger afro hair tends to need an extra boost of moisture which is where the team at Inspire Hair & Beauty Salon in Catford can help.

We can assess the health of your hair and recommend the right MIZANI products to balance your hair and scalp, leaving you with healthy and glossy hair.

There are a number of great styles for relaxed and naturally curly afro hair that is at that mid-length stage.




Long Afro Hair Styles & Ideas

long afro hairstyles, catford hair salonIf your long afro or multi-textured hair is prone to tangling, come and talk to the team at Inspire Beauty about which products to use to ease the problem.

If you are ready to embrace your natural curls, long afro hair can look amazing.  We can also create long sleek and straight hair by relaxing your hair, adding hair extensions or a weave.

Whatever your desire when it comes to your hair, make sure you talk to the experts at Inspire Beauty.  We really do understand afro and multi-textured hair so make us your first call to get you on the road towards beautiful hair.


Colouring Afro and Multi-Textured Hair

afro hair colours, catford hair salonAfro and multi-textured hair needs professional help when it comes to achieving a rich colour that leaves your hair looking and feeling soft and smooth.

We will fully assess your hair before deciding the best course of action or colour technique.

We will look at the type of curl, your current hair colour, hair condition and whether you use chemical processes on your afro hair.




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