Eyelash Extensions

Longer Eyelashes at Inspire Beauty in Catford, London

If you're not blessed with long and luscious eyelashes, do not fret! At Inspire Beauty we have several superb eyelash services which will give you the look you want to achieve - from full-on celebrity glamour to a more natural long-lashed look. We provide professionally applied lash extensions giving you the appearance of fuller, thicker looking lashes with added volume.

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Long Lasting Lash Extensions

Great for special occasions or if you simply want longer, thicker, fuller looking lashes, semi-permanent eyelash extensions usually last between four and 12 weeks.

The beauty of eyelash extensions is that they are attached to your individual eyelashes so will, with care, last until your natural eyelashes fall out.  That means you can go to the gym, swim and even have a good cry and your eyelashes will remain firmly in place.

We also offer a service where we replace any lash extensions that have grown out.  Infills are usually required at least every 3-4 weeks if you would like to achieve a consistently full set of lashes.

Eyelash Extensions in 20 minutes with Express Lashes

20-min-express-lashesIf you're short of time but you still want professional looking longer eyelashes, we can highly recommend our Express Lash service.

Individual eyelash extensions are applied onto the lash in an express technique that takes 20-30 minutes.

These are ideal for holidays, special occasions and for people who do not want to wear their lashes for longer than two weeks.  These lashes will need to be professionally removed after two weeks.

Party Lashes at Inspire Beauty, Catford, Lewisham

party lashesParty Lashes at Inspire Beauty are also known as false or temporary lashes.  They take approximately 10 - 20 minutes to apply and can last for 1-2 weeks (with care).

These are a great low-cost but effective option if you want glamorous eyes for a night out or a special occasion.

Service Price
Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions* £65
Professionally applied lash extensions giving you the appearance of fuller, thicker, longer looking lashes with added volume. Individual lashes are applied, one at a time, onto your own, eyelashes to imitate natural lashes leaving you with a flawless look. (Isolated method).
Infills (per 30min)* £20
Express Lashes* £35
Similar to Semi Permanent Lashes, however natural lashes are not isolated and therefore applied in c20-40mins
False Lashes* (natural/full) £15/£20
weekend/party lash in a natural or full look

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Classic Semi Permanent Lashes (1D or 1:1)

How long do they take to apply?

It can take up to two hours to apply a full set and an hour for a half set.

How long do they last?

When properly applied, eyelash extensions last the entire length of your natural lashes' growth cycle, typically 45 to 60 days, however, individual lashes experience different growth cycles. Your natural lash will fall out at the end of its cycle taking the extension with them.  Your lashes grow in different cycles and that is why some will fall out sooner than others, to keep your eyelash extensions looking full and thick infills are recommended every 2 to 3 weeks. This can also be dependent on how well you look after your new lashes.

What are infills?

Your lashes fall out naturally, and new lashes are constantly growing to replace the ones that have fallen out. To maintain your full look you will need to have your lashes infilled every2-3 weeks depending on your lashes and lash cycle.

Can I still wear mascara with my extensions?

Of course! However, you can only wear water-based mascara that has been especially formulated for eyelash extensions. Other mascaras contain oils that will dissolve the bonding agent of your extensions. Please ask your therapist should you wish to purchase one.

Will the lash extensions damage or harm my natural lashes?

Lash extensions DO NOT damage your natural lashes if they are applied and removed correctly. Lash extensions are safe treatment to have done. Rubbing or pulling the lash extensions could cause trauma to the natural lash and could cause lash loss.

Can I curl or perm eye lash extensions?

To maintain your eyelash extensions do not perm, tint or curl your lashes.

Are the eyelash extensions glued to my skin? 

The eyelash extensions are not glued on to the skin, only on the natural lash.

Is the eyelash glue and remover safe?

Yes we only use quality and CE Approved products, both are perfectly safe.


What are Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions?

Several ultra-lightweight lashes are applied to each individual lash in a way that does not excessively strain the natural eyelash resulting in natural-looking volume, and lots of it. These lashes make a huge difference to clients with naturally sparse lashes. One-on-One application to girls with sparse lashes can end up looking 'spidery' and unnatural. Lengthening already thin lashes can accentuate the distance between them and make the lashes seem even further apart.  If you are looking for a boost in volume as well as length then the Volume Lash treatment does this like no other.

How long does it take?

To do a full set  of Volume Lashes it can take roughly 2 to 3 hours.  As opposed to the classic system where we typically apply 80-100 lashes per eye, 200-500 lashes can be applied per eye.

How long do they last?

As there are significantly more lashes per natural lash (between two and five, depending on the service), Volume Lashes will last much longer before you will notice that you require a refill. Volume Lashes are known to last six to seven weeks or indefinitely if maintained with refills.

Will all these lashes do damage to my natural lashes?

No!, They are customiSed to your natural lashes, so you will never have more lashes than your natural lash can handle.  You will actually have more volume than your regular lash because we use lashes that are a fraction the weight of normal lash extensions.

Can I get more length with this new technique?

You could, but the focus is on volume. The choice is yours and you can make it with your therapist.