Manicures at Catford's Top Nail Salon - Inspire Beauty 

Your hands are one of the first areas of the body to show signs of ageing so keep them looking youthful with a regular manicure from Inspire Beauty Salon in Catford.

manicures at inspire beauty salon in catford

We offer a great range of manicures from a quick service to an indulgent tailored hand and nail experience. 

Our express service includes a nail shape, cuticle work, moisturising and polish, while a full manicure also includes exfoliation and a moisturising massage.

For the ultimate experience, try our Signature Spa Manicure - a unique hand and nail care system tailored to your needs. We will apply soothing essential oils, nourish your hands with a special mask and let these highly effective products work their magic inside warming mitts.

What are the benefits of a manicure?

Manicures are an excellent way of improving the health of your nails and skin, while also leaving your hands looking more youthful with perfect nails.  This is also a relaxing treatment. 

Can I have a manicure if I have a cut on my hand?

We strongly advise against having a manicure if you have any wound, rash or broken skin on your hands.  Please wait until you have fully recovered before  coming in for a manicure.  If the wound is minor, please advise your manicurist who can advise. 

How long does it take to have a manicure?

Our express manicure can take as little as 20 minutes, while our luxury manicure can last more than an hour.  We can advise you on the length of your service when you book.

Do I need to prepare before my manicure?

Although we can remove your nail polish at your appointment, it is a good idea to do this at home prior to your appointment to save time.  We'd also advise you avoid wearing gloves and taking part in any work that may reduce the effectiveness of your manicure (e.g. gardening, washing up, bathing).  Let the nourishing oils and moisturisers work into your hands for at least an hour or two.