Relaxing Massages and Facials for Men at Inspire Beauty Salon in Catford

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When it comes to beauty treatments, it's not only women that should have all the fun! At Inspire Beauty Salon in Catford, we offer a range of specialist beauty treatments for men, including waxing, facials, massages and skin treatments. You can now ease away those daily stresses with a relaxing massage, enjoy a pick-me-up facial and get rid of unwanted hair.

Our luxurious facials for men can be tailor-made to your skin's requirements and are designed to exfoliate, deep cleanse and nourish your skin so you come away from us with a healthy glow and beautifully hydrated skin.

How often should I have a Facial?
We would recommend to have a deep cleansing facial every 4-6 weeks. If you are targeting a specific skin concern, then this can be more frequent, however this will be advised by your therapist.

What are the benefits of a Facial?
There are many benefits to a facial treatment including:
*To aid with blemishes and acne
*Soften fine lines & wrinkles
*Slowing of premature ageing
*Stimulation of skin functions & collagen
*Increase circulation
*Professional exfoliate & deep cleanse

Can I continue my skincare regime at home?
Your therapist will advise professional homecare products for you to use at home, to continue the improvement in your skin following your professional treatment with us.

What are the benefits of Massage?
There are many benefits to massage including:
*Stress relief
*Pain relief
*Reduce anxiety
*Reduce muscle tension
*Sleep enhancement
*Headache relief
*Promote relaxation
*Lower blood pressure

How long will my treatment last?
The treatment timings listed consist of time to undress and consult with your therapist.

How often should I have a massage?
This can vary and is specific to each individual. If you are having a massage purely for relaxation then every 4-6 weeks is common. However, if massage is to treat a specific condition, a more regular schedule may be appropriate but this will be advised by your therapist.

Do I need to be undressed for my massage?
You will be asked to undress to your comfort level, this is usually down to your underwear. You will then be draped with a towel and or blanket and we will only uncover the area being worked on at a time.

Can you massage a specific area?
Our express massage is geared towards area specific massage, usually neck, back & shoulders.

Waxing is also not recommended within 24 hours either side of your treatment.