Bio Sculpture Gel

Bio Sculpture Gel Nails at Inspire Beauty, Catford

bio sculpture french manicurePerfect nails can be yours with Bio Sculpture Gel Nails which give you long-lasting colour without damaging your natural nail.

Bio Sculpture Gel is an advanced nail treatment that actually strengthens and conditions your nails.  The coating moves with the nails, protecting them while allowing them to grow without breaking.

It is applied in layers onto your natural nails and cured under a UV/LED lamp.  We use no harsh acrylic primers or bonders and we do minimal buffing which means your natural nail remains healthy and is not dry and brittle once the gel nail is removed.

This permanent colour gel comes in over 140 colours and has a glossy finish.  Our clients absolutely love the results we achieve with Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Manicures, which, with care, will last for up to three weeks, and Bio Sculpture Gel Pedicures which, with care, last for up to eight weeks.  You should experience no chips or smudges to your nails.

We can professionally remove your gel nails and, if you wish, add a new set of gel nails.

Bio Sculpture Gel Nail Extensions & Nail Art at Inspire Beauty in Catford

If you want to lengthen your nails or repair a broken or damaged nail, we also offer gel sculptures.  Unique nail art is also available.

Bio Sculpture on Hands or Feet     £35
Bio Sculpture Gel Nail removal      £10
Bio Sculpture French Tip           £40