B12 Injection Shots

B12 Injection ShotAll about B12 Booster Shots

Have you thought about adding better nutrients to your diet?  Avocados are actually hot these days… all rich in multiple nutrients.  In addition, vitamins and supplements are also getting their time to shine. One of the newest start vitamins is Vitamin B – specifically B12.  Now available in an injection form here at Inspire Beauty. 


Is Vitamin B12 Essential? 

Vitamin B12 shot is a vital nutrient required for the proper formation of red blood cells. It also helps in neurological functions and DNA synthesis. The amount of required level of B12 depends on your age. Many people get enough vitamin B12 from foods like fish, meat, eggs and dairy products. However, Research states that approximately 15% of people are deficient.   Deficiency of B12 is becoming more commonplace recently. 

People with a B12 deficiency are usually prescribed Vitamin B shots.  It is a very effective way of preventing deficiency since it allows 100% absorption directly into tissues.  B12 injections/shots has become increasingly popular as people are now becoming aware of the many health benefits it provides.  Recently, the growing popularity of veganism has made b12 shots more common than ever. 

Prime Benefits of B12

Vitamin B shots can

  • increase energy levels and combat fatigue. 
  • speed up metabolism
  • help to improve the sleep cycle
  • increase concentration & mood
  • boost the immune system
  • helps aid weight loss
  • help hair growth as well as prevention of hair loss

Inspire Beauty based in Catford, in Lewisham, is a local hair and beauty salon offering B12 shots.  

Do you often feel foggy-brained even after a good night sleep? We recommend you get a B12 injection to see how it works.  Even if you are a healthy person, B12 shots are completely safe.  Our team will determine your health and fitness for the ideal frequency of injections.  After seeing positive results, there is no reason to stop getting them. 

B12 Shot Appointments

B12 injections are essential for so many reasons for your health, from head to toe.  Please book in for a consultation to speak to an Inspire Beauty specialist to learn how B12 shots can boost your energy level, kick start your metabolism and help you lose weight.  They can also be used intermittently and are popular rejuvenation therapy for exhaustion, burnout, migraine and of course for after party nausea! 

Now that you know most of the benefits B12 shots are equipped with, you can try out a booster.

Consultations and appointments can be booked online or by calling Inspire Beauty on 02086902234.  


Single Shot          £  35                                                                         
Course of 4 £120