Healthy Summer Curls

Top Tips for Beautiful Curls This Summer from Inspire Beauty Hairdressing Salon, Catford

Healthy Summer CurlsWith the summer sun comes lots of sweating, excess moisture and product build up on the hair.  Before the summer heat begins to frizz out your beautiful curls, make sure you are all geared up in advance.

At Inspire Beauty hair salon in Catford, we are experts in multi-textured & curly hair. We have prepared a guide with some important tips on maintaining your curls this summer. 

 Drink Lots of Water

 Water is essential to help keep our hair feeling strong and healthy. As water helps to regulate the circulatory system, this feeds the hair follicles with the essential moisture needed to stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair. 

Your hair can eventually become dry and brittle if your hair roots are deficient in the adequate water levels. The NHS recommends drinking 8 glasses of water daily for an overall healthier lifestyle.

Use Specialist Hair Products For Curly Hair

During the summer months, some hair products may start to feel heavy on your hair. Excess sweating and heavy hair products can build up on the scalp, making your curls look and feel limp and less bouncy.

We recommend opting for lighter products specially formulated for curly hair. We are proud to work with the MIZANI luxury hair care brand (part of L’Oréal USA) which is specifically formulated to care for the hair and scalp of women with excessively curly hair textures all year round.  

Each MIZANI formula is customised to suit the individual needs of different hair types including naturally curly, highly textured, colour-treated and relaxed hair.

The Mizani Puriphying Intense Cleansing Shampoo will also do wonders if you want your hair free of residues that weigh it down. It can also help clean up any leftover products used before applying conditioner to hair. 

Visit our hair salon in Catford and one of our dedicated hair technicians will assist you with the best products to use for your hair. Alternatively, gives us a call on 0208 690 2234 to find out more.

Prevent Breakage With A Hair Strengthening Treatment 

Dry ends are the main cause of damage to curly hair, due to the constant brushing of the ends of the hair on clothing. The best way to prevent dry ends is to moisturise daily with an effect hair conditioning treatment for curly hair types.

The Mizani Kerafuse Intense Hair Strengthening Treatment can help combat frizzy hair & breakage caused by excessive chemical processing, dryness and split ends. This with this hydrating, smoothing treatment is a must-have for those looking for a smoothing, sleek hair effect with increased shine.

Prevent Damage with Protective Styling

Give your hair a break and protect during summer with a protective style such as top buns or plaits. This will ensure that the right amount of moisture will stay locked in your hair to keep your curly hair healthy, moisturised and frizz-free.

On days where humidity is higher, you will want to keep the extra moisture in the air out of your hair, as this can cause curly hair to frizz.  Other the dryer days, you will want to retain moisture in order to prevent dryness and breakage. With protective styling, you can ensure your hair stays in tip top condition all day long.