Easy Beach Hairstyles


Best Beach Hairstyles by Inspire Beauty Hair & Beauty Salon in Catford

Going on a beach holiday soon? If yes then getting a beautiful care free haircut and style should be part of your preparation.

There are many beach hairstyles that are easy to create and style at home, however, an expert haircut with some beautiful hair colours will ensure your hair is styled its best for easy management when on holiday at the beach.

Get in touch with us at Inspire beauty hair & beauty salon in Catford, for suggestions on fun and creative beach hairstyles. Our experienced stylists will recommend the cut and style for your look. Book an appointment with us online here, or give us call on 0208 690 2234to schedule your beauty appointments.

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Plaited Summer Hairstyles

 Plaits are just perfect for the beach – they keep your hair off your face, make you look super chic and produce some bohemian vibes. Plaits will give you a look that will turn heads, and they require minimal attention  – no spending hours in front of the missor dealing with your curls. The versatility of plaits means you can wear them to your taste, high on your crowns, low side braids or be adventurous with a halo braid.

Summer Hairstyles – High & Low Ponytails

To wear a ponytail, all you need is a cute hair tie and a good hair brush! With a hair tie and brush, you can do wonders with your ponytail. High ponytails are perfect for your cheekbones since the weather is too hot for contouring. Low ponytails are great for beach trips as they require little maintenance.

Wear a different style at night with your ponytail low and to the side for that subtle night-time look. To spice things a little bit, add some waves to hair, as they will give you a smoky night-time look.

Top Knot Hairstyles for Summer

Creating a Top Knot is so easy, and they also help keep your hair away from your face when contending with the sea breeze! If you have long hair, Top Knots are perfect for you.

To get a flawless Top Knot, brush your hair, tie it up the crown in a ponytail with a beautiful band, then you twist your hair to a knot and secure with another band. If you are feeling playful, wear a different look with two top knots.

Summer Hair Accessories

We all have that moment when our hair is messy and wet, and we have no idea what to do with it but to cover it up. There are many gorgeous hair accessories to use that will complement your summer look. Scarf and hats are also perfect for covering hair in style, and they also protect hair from the summer heat.

Slicked Back Hair for Summer

Is your hair stubborn and wild? Then try keeping it slicked back. Slicked back hairstyle keeps your hair out of your face and give you a smart look if cared for properly.