Everything You Need to Know about Vajacials! 

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Facials are always a soothing and rejuvenating experience that restores the skin on the body, leaving you with a healthy glow.  While not sounding too out of the norm, aestheticians have taken this treatment to another level and adapted it to ease your lady parts. 

What is a Vajacial?

Yes – you read it correctly… Vajacial!   It is precisely what it sounds like – a facial for your vulva (the outer area of the vagina).

We use the same techniques as a regular facial but applied to the intimate area.   Much like the regular facial, it addresses multiple skin issues that can occur from waxing, shaving, sensitive skin, or genetics.  It is basically a non-invasive procedure that is entirely topical.  Clients usually describe it as a comforting and pleasing experience. 

And guess what… it is available now at Inspire Beauty in Catford, Lewisham? 

What can a Vajacial help with?

A vajacial is a post-wax/hair removal treatment for women.  Although waxing helps to avoid ingrown hair long-term, this unique technique to the vaginal surface reassures and eliminates that pesky hair.  Along with maintaining cosmetic benefits of the vulva, it also promotes body positivity.  A vajacial also helps to eliminate or effectively reduce the following skin issues:

  • Hyperpigmentation (Dark Spots)
  • Inflammation
  • Scarring and Stretch Marks

Our vajacial treats all the problematic skin issues on the gluteal area, addresses hyperpigmentation, deals with ingrown hair, reduces redness, calms irritated skin, reduces unsightly bumps, aids acne of the bikini and evens out dark spots or scarring.  Our aim is to provide you with a soft, smooth and clean vagina.

What does the Procedure Consist of? 

The treatment typically takes around 30 minutes to an hour and is not painful at all. It includes a cleanse, mild enzyme exfoliator, extractions for ingrown hair, followed by a soothing flavoured mask, spot treatment and ends at skin brightening serum. 

When should you get a Vajacial?    

Vajacials usually  follow-up treatments for the side effects of hair removal on the vagina.  It is suggested to get a vajacial 7 days after hair removal. 

Is a Vajacial Suitable for sensitive skin?

Even though it is on the intimate, most sensitive area, it is perfectly safe for all skin types, and sensitive skin is at ease. 



Interested in trying out a vajacial?  Vajacial is now added to our Treatment Menu. 

Please book in online or you can speak to a senior therapist here at Inspire Beauty first with any questions that you may have regarding this super treatment 02086902234 



    cleanse, exfoliate, ingrown hair extraction, soothing mask, oil/treatment          

Luxury Vajacial


cleanse, steam, exfoliate, ingrown hair extraction, antibacterial treatment,
soothing jelly mask, pigmentation oil/treatment