Dreamweave Lip Voltage

Lip-VoltageNew Dreamweave LipVoltage has arrived on our shelves and we are so excited about this fantastic product. Finally a lip plumper that does not require injections has arrived ladies! Perfect if your needle phobic or frankly just don’t have the time. Lip voltage is taking the beauty market by storm, and it is easy to see why, this is a simple to use product that creates a lip pout to die for.

How many times have you looked in the mirror and wished you could create a perfect pout from the comfort of your own home?  The amazing Dreamweave #LipVoltage contains peptide and collagen with Nano technology, that’s the really clever science bit, and this wonderful formula quickly absorbs to create voluminous pouting lip plump perfection. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on our test sample and give it a go and with the speed it is selling out we are delighted to have Lip Voltage in stock because we simply love it and know you will too.

The product is user customisable, and this is world first stuff ladies, Lip Voltage UK stocks are in massively high demand because not only is it revolutionary, you can control the level of plump because you mix it up yourself. It is incredibly simple, take the VBE-infused lip plumper and mix it with the peptide formula to create the perfect pair of kissers! You choose from three levels of plumpitude (yes we made that word up but it fits perfectly!), and these magic drops activate the power of Lip Voltage. All you need to do is apply and massage into your lips and you will create fabulous full lips that last for up to 24 hours. The product creates a tingly warming sensation on your lips, but never fear this is a good sign and shows it is working as it should. Depending on the level of pout you plumped for expect the tingling to be stronger as you work up through the levels. Used daily the formula gives lovely softer fuller lips because of the cumulative effects of the collagen, so even on a make-up free day, expect compliments about how amazing your lips are looking, and hand on heart you can say you haven’t had any work done! Let your friends in on the latest beauty secret and send them off to buy Lip Voltage because we believe no make-up bag is complete without it. It might also surprise you to see the price is affordable and user friendly – there really are no downsides we could find!

All in all we are confident Lip Voltage from Dreamweave is going to be flying off the shelves. Create subtle natural looking lips or ramp up the volts and plump those lips to perfection, so what are you waiting for??? You could be testing Lip Voltage for yourself this time tomorrow as we offer LipVoltage on next day delivery in the UK so order now on our online shop!