LipoFirm PLUS – Non-Invasive Alternative to Liposuction

Many of us aren’t fully happy with our bodies. We know we’d be more confident if we could make a few minor adjustments to our weight and size.  Lipofirm PLUS is an effective alternative to the invasiveness of liposuction, offering superb results without the risks, or the downtime, of lipo surgery.

Inspire Beauty, providers of LipoFirm PLUS in South London boast skilled technicians who can assist in the sculpting of each individual’s body through use of LipoFirm’s specialised system of aesthetic cavitation

How LipoFirm PLUS works

The principle of cavitation is the creation of vapour cavities in a liquid.  This process can be utilised by a skilled technician to target areas of body fat and remove them.  Ultrasound creates bubbles in the tissues containing fat cells.  These bubbles expand due to localised temperature increase and then rapidly compress and implode when temperature levels change.  This fractures the fat cell, allowing its contents to alter their nature from triglycerides to diglycerides; while triglycerides form stable emulsions of fat in the cells, diglycerides remain liquid and are eliminated from the body naturally through urination.

This means that we at Inspire Beauty have a powerful and safe way to help men and women achieve the body of their dreams.  It works to reduce the appearance of cellulite, which stubbornly refuses to respond to classic laser or liposuction.

Benefits of LipoFirm PLUS

Using LipoFirm PLUS to achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of isn’t just about how the systems deals with stubborn cellulite.  Inch Loss is achievable with our trained therapists who work with you to help you succeed.  We deliver:

  • a slimmer, firmer body,
  • a more pleasing appearance,
  • an increased sense of wellbeing and physical satisfaction.

All this at a price that is competitive with, or better than, other liposuction based treatment.

There’s no pain, no inconvenience and nobody will know you’ve had a cellulite or body sculpting treatment because there are no incisions.  Instead you’ll just appear, over a period of time, to have lost weight and gained a more toned look.

The Lipofirm PLUS technology has a further advantage; it can be used to improve the appearance of the skin, through reducing tissue sagging which results from ageing or extreme dieting.  Younger and tauter facial features go with a honed body to give a youthful, toned appearance and so Lipofirm PLUS serves to enhance your entire body and face, increasing tissue elasticity so that your newly slim figure glows with health.

Next steps

Contact us to discuss your first Lipofirm PLUS treatment and discover the body you’ve always wanted, or simply use our online booking form to set the date on which you’ll begin to become the slimmer, smoother-skinned, younger looking you that you’ve been dreaming about.

£80 per session (including Cavitation & Radio Frequency)

£540 course of 8 sessions