Hairstyles for Older Women

Hair Ideas for Older Women at Inspire Hair & Beauty Salon in Catford

Have you heard?  They say that 50 is the new 35!  Older women are now more stylish than their younger counterparts, but if you feel you are stuck in a time warp with your dated hairstyle, don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Although some classic haircuts will always look great, if you’re still wearing the 80s perm you’ve had since you were 25, then perhaps it’s time to consider an update.  Let us refresh your look, giving you a hairstyle that’s sure to give your confidence a boost.  You don’t need a fountain of youth here at Inspire Beauty – we can give you a flattering haircut and colour that will make you look gorgeous and years younger!

You can find some hairstyle ideas to give you inspiration for your new look below.  Who says older women have to stick to rules when it comes to their hair?  At our hair salon in Catford, we’re committed to helping you feel fantastic with fabulous hair, no matter what age you are.

Mid-Length Hair Suits Older Women

Mid-length (ending anywhere between your chin and your shoulders) is a fantastic cut that will suit people of all ages and face shapes.  The style is practical as well was beautiful when you get older because it can really help with hiding an aging neck!  We think Diane Keaton gets this look exactly right.

Side-Sweeping Fringes & Layers Make You Look Younger

A side-sweeping fringe will make you look years younger because it draws attention to your eyes and no-one has to know about any wrinkles that may be appearing on your forehead.  Add a few layers to your hair and all of a sudden your hair will look thick, bouncy and renewed – a fringe certainly helps Jane Fonda appear ageless!

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Long Hair For Older Women (Really!)

We know what you’re thinking: “Can older women really wear their hair long?”…  Of course they can!  Just look at the fantastic Michelle Pfeiffer, Andi Macdowell and Sofia Loren!  Don’t listen to that unwritten rule that once you hit 40 you have to shear away your beautiful long locks.  If your long hair makes you feel great, there’s absolutely no need for you to chop it back.  Simply ensure that you have regular trims and conditioning treatments at Inspire Beauty Salon in Catford, and keeping your long hair looking gorgeous will be easy.

Disguise Fine & Thinning Hair – Top Tips for More Mature Women

Most women do experience changes in their hair after menopause.  It becomes finer, thinner, more coarse or rather ‘fluffy’ (white hair often has a life of its own!).   To make this problem less obvious, why not try out a shorter hairstyle?  Short styles can be anything but boring – just look at Dame Judi Dench and Dame Helen Mirren!  All that’s needed to have hair that’s just as stylish is a good cut, some great hair products and advice from a skilful hairdresser.

If you’re struggling with fine or thinning hair, talk to your stylist at Inspire Beauty Salon salon in Catford.  We’ll recommend hair care and styling products that will help solve every problem your hair throws at you, from grey hair, to fine hair, to thinning hair, to hair breakage and even hair loss.  We may suggest that you try a specialist treatment to strengthen your hair and reduce breakage such as OLAPLEX, or to help it become smoother, straighter and softer such as Kerastraight Hair Smoothing & Repair.

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Grey Hair?  Don’t Care!

Silver-grey hair is the popular hair colour trend that’s taking the world by storm right now so why not keep your naturally stylish hair colour?   One of our expert stylists can recommend the best hair care products to tame your grey hair and bring out its vibrant tones. Even if you’re not a fan of your grey hair, we can adjust the colour to create a silver-grey shade that suits you.

Hair Colour For The Over 50s

If you aren’t convinced that silver grey hair is for you, why not have some fun with hair colour instead?  At Inspire Beauty, we think that Dame Helen Mirren is simply inspiring when it comes to having fun with hair styling as you get older – just think back to her amazing pink hair at the 2013 BAFTAS when she was a sprightly 67 years old!  Today, us older women carry off any hair colour we choose but, rest assured, your colour specialist at our salon in Catford will help you find a tone to make you look fabulous.  Find out more about our hair colour services here.

Hair Cuts & Colours for Stylish Over 50s at Inspire Beauty Salon in Catford

You don’t have to let grey or white hair drag you down – we truly believe that fabulous hair can still add a spring to your step as whatever your age!  For hair that’s beautifully rejuvenated, simply call our salon on 0208 690 2234 or book online.