Hollywood Heroes – The Hottest New Hair Trend For 2019

The Hottest Hair Trend for Men in 2019 at Inspire Hair & Beauty Salon in Catford

There are some 1990s trends which are making a (mostly) welcome return but, thankfully, the curtained Heartthrob hairstyle has been updated for the modern man. The expert stylists at Inspire Hair & Beauty Salon in Catford take a look at 2019’s hottest men’s hair trend below.

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The Hollywood Heartthrob Hairstyle for Men with Curly or Wavy Hair

The curly heartthrob hairstyle is one that is exceptionally low maintenance, the trick is for this hairstyle to look effortless! This hairstyle is ideal for men with naturally curly or wavy mid-length hair, it can be gently blow dried and styled using the fingers and with minimal product.

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The Hollywood Heartthrob Hairstyle for Men with Straight Hair

Longer hair can be difficult to style for men with naturally straight hair. The curtained hairstyle of Leonardo DiCaprio has been given an update for 2019 with plenty of volume being the key to styling. Use a volumizing mousse product, dry upside down and let the hair fall naturally into beautifully volumized curtains like Liam Hemsworth.

The Hollywood Heartthrob Hairstyle for the Modern Bad Boy

Johnny Depp was the classic misunderstood bad boy, with his angelic face and glorious locks. This classic hairstyle has been updated for 2019 with male celebrities such as Shawn Mendes rocking this high volume, nonchalant hairstyle. To achieve this high volume look, towel dry your hair gently to avoid frizz, use a volumizing holding product (ask your Inspire stylist for the best professional product for this) and then dried gently with a diffuser. Push your hair straight back off the face, letting strands fall naturally to the front, then fix with a light holding hairspray. 

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