Nail Trend: Chrome/Mirror Nails

Chrome Nails Our nails say a lot about our personality, and they are a super way of showing people who you are,while still keeping it low key. There are some wild and fab designs that you can choose from, and the great thing about nails is that they work with any outfit. Plus, they suit everyone and help you to look fantastic. The latest trend is chrome nails, also known as mirror nails. This style has spread its way across England, and is a fave among many celebs. Here’s a little more info about this hot new style and where you can get it done.
What are Chrome Nails?

At the moment, this trend is taking over Instagram. You may have seen it while scrolling through hashtags or your favourite beauty and fashion profiles. These nails are unlike any other, leaving you with an astoundingly beautiful and shining result. 

The secret behind this fab new trend is glitter which is used on top of gel polish. You can get a trendy mirror look that is perfect for your inner evil queen. Truly, the latest must-have in the world of beauty and fashion. We use a  chrome glitter dust to create the stunning effect.   These nails are so shiny you can literally check your reflection in them. How fab is that?

There is also holographic mirror nails, which uses the same basic steps as the chrome/mirror nails, but it contains iridescent pigments that create a beautiful shine every time you move your fingers.  When the light hits them, rainbow hues are reflected, creating beautiful colours.

Who’s Wearing Mirror Nails?

Mirror nails are being worn by a huge number of celebrities at the moment, proving that these are the latest fashion trend. One of the first people to wear this new fashion was Gigi Hadid, who showed them off in style at the 2016 Met Gala.

The supermodel’s look slayed, and the chrome nails really brought the look together. Eniko Parrish was also spotted with these stylish nails at her wedding to Kevin Hart, and her nails were truly out of this world – just look at that rainbow reflection! These celebrities know what’s hot, and this new nail trend definitely is.


Where to Get your Chrome/Mirror/Holographic Nails?

Come visit us as Inspire Beauty in South London if you are looking for some seriously on point chrome/mirror nails. We offer a fantastic service with friendly and experienced staff that are there to make sure you are happy and comfortable with your treatment. For a clean and even finish, we are the salon for you.

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If you are looking to be a part of the latest trend in nail beauty, then you will want to try out mirror nails. For a unique and exciting look that allows you to express your inner self, come visit us and book a treatment today.