Pro’s & Con’s of Colouring Your Hair a Crazy Colour

Fashion Hair Colours From Inspire Beauty Hair Salon in Catford 

Pros & Cons of Colouring Your Hair a Crazy Colour

Want a bold new hair colour shade this winter? Bright pinks, blue or silver grey shades are this seasons trends. At  Inspire Beauty Hair Salon in Catford. we are hair colouring experts and love to keep up to date with all the latest techniques and trends. No matter what vibrant hair colour you want,  our skilled team will tell you all you need to know when dying your hair a bright colour.

Should I Dye My Hair A Bright Colour? 

Bright hair colours are great conversation starters and there are a number of advantages to having a bold hair colour. Not only will your hair colour make you stand out in a crowd, but unusual hair colour can boost your confidence and may help you start taking better care of your hair with regular hair conditioning treatments.

Dying your hair a bright colour

As your hair will need to be dyed first before adding your desired hair colour, it makes transforming your hair colour a more complex task and is best left to the professionals. It is also advised to stay clear of heated hair styling with hairdryers, styling irons, wands and hot curlers – they can make your colour fade and dry out your hair.  The hair colour experts at our hair salon strongly advise you to book in for a hair colour consultation prior to your appointment.  Your hair stylist will assess the condition of your hair and advise the best route to take.

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How Can I Make Fashion Hair Colour Last Longer?

How often you wash your hair is a factor on how long your hair colour will last. Use only one shampoo application each time you wash and you will double the life of your hair colour. Opt for shampoos catered to colour treated hair.  Turn the water temperature when washing hair as chemically processed hair needs to be washed gently in cooler water. We also advise regular maintenance appointments to keep your hair colour looking fresh – toners, glossing treatments and regular salon visits are a must if you want to keep your hair colour vibrant.

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