Short Hair – Your Questions Answered

Short Hairstyles at Inspire Hair & Beauty Salon in Catford – Is It Time For The Chop?

Are you feeling weighed down by your hair?  If you’re thinking of trading your long mane for a sleek cropped hairstyle, we know you’re sure to have many questions, so here are all the answers and inspiration you need from Inspire Hair Beauty Salon in Catford.

Will short hair suit me?

Whatever your hair type, face shape and personal style, there will be a short haircut to suit you.  Why not book a consultation with one of our experienced stylists?  We’ll listen to your preferences and be happy to advise on the perfect look for you.   

Can I style my short hair?

Definitely – short hair can be styled in plenty of different ways!  It can be straightened, curled, slicked back, texturised, braided – to name but a few options!  If you go for a seriously short cut like a buzz cut, of course the styling possibilities will be more limited, but with such an eye-catching haircut, why worry? 

Will my short hair be on trend?

Short hair is always stylish, but it’s particularly fashionable at the moment.  Take a look at the catwalks and red carpets where models and celebrities are rocking a multitude of short hair looks.  

5 Benefits of Short Hair

1)      Styling Made Simple

If you’re finding your long hair a hassle, a short haircut could be the perfect solution!  With a cropped look you can be ready to go in minutes, with just a quick flick of your hair. Plus if you do have time to style it properly, you’ll be amazed at how quick and easy you find it.  So, save yourself some time and effort and come get your hair cut now at Inspire Hair & Beauty Salon in Catford.

2)      Speedy Washing and Drying

Short hair is so easy to wash, which means you can be in and out of the shower in no time. Plus you’ll save on shampoo and conditioner too!  If you’re fed up with waiting ages your long hair to dry, you’ll be pleased to find that a cropped look will dry in a fraction of the time – and you won’t have to spend so long brushing out the tangles either!  Perfect!

3)      Focus on Your Face

Short hair will frame your face rather than hiding it, so it’s the perfect time to rethink your makeup routine and enhance your facial features.  You’ll be turning heads with your new short style!

4)      Don’t Sweat It

Who needs long hair making them feel hot and bothered?  With summer on the horizon, you’ll be feeling cool and looking hot with short style!  

5)      Short Hair is Healthier Hair

When we cut off those dry split ends we reveal the true beauty of your healthy hair!  You could even consider adding a different colour to your new short style because your hair will be so much healthier and ready to ‘take’ a hot new hair colour.  You can find out more about our hair colour services here.

Book Your Hair Appointment at Inspire Hair & Beauty Salon in Catford

If by now you’re ready to go for the chop, we know you won’t regret it!  Book a consultation with one of our experienced stylists and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect hairstyle for you, whatever your hair type.   Call the salon on 0208 690 2234 or book online by following the link at the top of the page.