Summer Hair Colour Trends


Hair Colour Trends for Summer 2015 at Inspire Beauty, Catford

Fancy a new hair colour for summer?  Then now is the time to choose a style that is big, bold and beautiful.

While we can create any hair colour including classic blondes, brunettes and reds, we’ve also seen an increase in customers asking for fashion colours such as blues, pinks and silver shades, as well as ombre and bayalage techniques where colour fades from dark to light at the ends.

Whatever colour you fancy, come and talk to your Inspire Beauty colour expert so we can discuss what will and will not work with your hair.  Amongst other things, we will take into account your hair’s condition, base colour and what you are hoping to achieve.

Still looking for inspiration?  Check out these 2015 hair colour trends…

Red hair colour trends

If you want to make a statement, why not add some red to your natural hair colour – or go one step further and choose a bright, rich red all over!  Your skin tone and eye colour will, to some extent, dictate which red tone will work best for  you.

Rich brunette & chocolate hair colours

Deep browns, chestnuts and brunettes can look strikingly beautiful.  Opt for a monotonal brunette hair colour this summer to look bang on trend, or add some lowlights to give your colour more interest.

Caramel blonde highlights

If you’re new to hair colour and you want to go blonde we’d recommend you start with some caramel or buttery coloured highlights.  After all, your regrowth or roots will be less noticeable when your hair grows!

Fashion hair colour trends

Silver grey, blues, pinks and peachy hues are popular hair colours at the moment but they are not ideal for every hair type.  If you have afro or multi-textured hair, you will struggle to achieve a pale pink, blue or peach colour because your base hair colour is generally quite dark.  Opt instead for some rich blue colours or a dynamic red which will stand out beautifully against your dark hair colour.

Whatever colour you fancy, come in for a complimentary hair colour consultation so we can talk you through the process and work out which looks would work for you.