The Best Beauty Treatments During Pregnancy

Beauty Treatments for Pregnant Women at Inspire Beauty Salon in Catford

Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life but it can take its toll on your body. If you are looking for the best beauty treatments that are baby-safe, please chat to the experts at Inspire Beauty Salon in Catford.

We are on-hand to help ease your pregnancy aches and pains, give advice on how to deal with swollen ankles and unwanted stretch marks and generally spoil you with a little pampering.

pregnancy beauty treatments at inspire hair & beauty salon in catford, south london

Pregnancy Massage 

Sit back and enjoy a range of stress relieving massage treatments to help you relax and unwind before your baby arrives. Back, neck and shoulder massages are perfect for sore backs, or achy shoulders while a relaxing body treatment can soothe tired legs.

At Inspire Beauty, we offer massage and body treatments to uplift tired limbs, relieve pressure and most of all leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed.  

Facials During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, changing hormones can play havoc with your complexion and you may be prone to outbreaks of pimples, acne or dehydrated patches of skin.  Pregnancy skin can be especially sensitive, so an Eve Taylor facial at Inspire Beauty Salon in Catford is a great way unclog pores, soothe and calm irritated skin and give it that ‘glowing’ look during pregnancy.

Treatments For The Hands & Feet

Carrying a baby often means getting swollen ankles and feet. Sit down and take the weight of your feet and get your nails done at the best nail parlour in Catford!

We offer a wide range of nail services including the popular CND Shellac gel power polish, Bio Sculpture gel nails, OPI gels, Minx nails and Polygel nail services (a cross between acrylic nails and gel nails).

The Best Hair Styles & Conditioning Treatments During Pregnancy at Top Salon in Catford

During pregnancy you may find that the condition, texture or thickness of your hair changes. Don’t worry, this is completely normal and is often down to the fact that when pregnant an increased number of hairs go into the resting phase.

Hair loss that is connected to pregnancy can leave you lacking in confidence so why not book in to Inspire Hair & Beauty Salon in Catford for a complimentary hair consultation? Our stylists will discuss with you the best styles for thinning or fine hair and recommend the most suitable professional hair thickening treatments and homecare products for you. We are experts in all hair types including black, afro-caribbean and multi-texture hair.

Are There Beauty Treatments I Should Avoid During Pregnancy?

‘Which beauty treatments are safe during pregnancy’ and ‘which beauty treatments I should avoid whilst carrying a baby’ are common questions we get asked.

We suggest you pop into the salon and have a chat with one of our experienced beauticians who will advise you on whether it’s safe to have a waxing treatment while pregnant, have a tanning service, colour your hair whilst expecting a baby, and everything else in-between.

Book Your Pregnancy Hair & Beauty Appointment at Inspire Beauty Salon, Catford

If you fancy a spot of mum-to-be pampering or want more advice on what beauty treatments are safe during pregnancy, and which beauty treatments you should avoid whilst pregnant, book an appointment in our Catford salon, by calling 0208 690 2234 or book online here.