What are Fat Dissolving Injections, and why might you need them?

Fat Dissolving Injections Aqualyx


 So many of us desire the perfect body; however, despite our best efforts and with exercise or dieting, some parts of our body just don’t seem to be able to slim down as much as we want them to.

When this happens, you may think that you should just give up on the idea of achieving that perfect body altogether. But, this doesn’t have to be the case. 

Some things can really help us to achieve our body goals. They come in the form of fat dissolving injections. 

Want to know more about fat dissolving injections in London?  Here is some more information that you may want to know. 


What are fat dissolving injections?

Also known as Aqualyx fat dissolving injections, this treatment is designed to be injected by an expertly trained technician and will need to be injected into the area of your body where you are finding it hardest to shift the fact. 

The compound solution formulated will then attach itself to any spots of fatty build-up in your body, causing them to break down over time. Once they are all broken down, these fats will then be naturally flushed out of your body. 

Whilst this treatment can be put in place throughout your body, the most common areas that people ask for it to be carried out is the:

  • Chin
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Stomach 

What are the benefits of fat dissolving injections?

There are several benefits to having fat dissolving injections over other fat reduction treatments, in particular liposuction. 

One of the main ones has to be that fat dissolving injections have a minimal level of invasion.  Liposuction requires you to have surgery under a general anaesthetic.  This can not only take its toll on your body at the time of the surgery but can also have a relatively extended downtime and recovery too. 

In comparison, there is minimal downtime with these injections and whilst you may want to slow down a bit and take things more accessible after the treatment, you don’t have to have the same level of downtime as you would if you had liposuction carried out. 

Not only this, but even though this treatment is not as invasive as others, it can still be hugely beneficial too.   Whilst the results are not instant, they can be noticed over a few sessions (we recommend somewhere between 2 and 4 before you can start to see the required improvement). 

This may not be as fast as other options out there, but you can see how much better it is for you and your body, not just in the short-term but in the long-term too. 


Thinking about booking in for fat dissolving London?  We are experts at fat reduction injections in London and offer our fat-dissolving service from Catford in Lewisham.  We are experts in providing fat dissolving solutions to those in the London or Catford area and work hard to ensure that our service is precisely what those people need when they need it.