OLAPLEX Hair Treatment

OLAPLEX – Stronger, Shinier Hair with Vibrant Colour

olaplex, milton keynes hairdressersInspire Beauty is delighted to introduce you to the new and revolutionary OLAPLEX™ treatment which aims to repair damaged hair, leaving it stronger, shinier and with vibrant colour.

OLAPLEX is designed to repair the hair’s structure which can be broken during the permanent hair colouring and lightening process and through years of heat and sun damage.

After just one treatment, OLAPLEX can dramatically improve your hair’s condition.  It can be applied during the hair colouring process to eliminate hair breakage AND as a stand-alone treatment on even the most over-processed hair.

The treatment is a three-step process which begins with the OLAPLEX Bond Multiplier No 1 applied all over the hair and left for five minutes (this would be left in with the hair dye during the dying process). Next comes the Bond Perfector No 2 which boosts the repair process further. The third step is the Hair Perfector No 3 which is an at home treatment to prolong the results.

Olaplex hair conditioning treatment, catford hair & beauty salon

There are no chemical smells, no burning or tingling, just the same feeling you’d get as any other hair treatment, with superb results.  OLAPLEX is free of silicones, oils, aldehydes and parabens, wheat and gluten.

If you want to turn back the clock and have hair that is healthy and resilient once more, please ask your hair colour technician or stylist about adding an OLAPLEX treatment to your appointment.