Pedicures & Callus Peels at Inspire Beauty Salon in Catford

You can now put your best feet forward with a pedicure or Callus Peel at Catford's best nail and beauty salon - Inspire Beauty Clinic.  Therapeutic pedicures are a superb way to exfoliate and soften hard skin and treat your toenails.

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At Inspire Beauty Salon in Catford we offer a range of feet treatments from a classic pedicure to a luxury pedicure. The Signature Spa Pedicure is a unique foot and nail care system that is tailored to your needs.

Our trained pedicurists will apply soothing essential oils and nourishing treatments containing effective plant extracts, plus a special mask which effectively moisturises the feet within heated booties.

We also offer the incredible Callus Peel Pedicure where we soften and scrape away the hard skin on your feet before offering our classic pedicure service.

What are the benefits of a pedicure?

A regular pedicure not only makes your feet look and feel softer and prettier, it can also help you feel soothed and relaxed.

What can I expect from my pedicure?

This depends on which pedicure service you choose.  During our luxury pedicure we will soak and cleanse your feet, followed by an exfoliating rub to slough off dead skin. Overgrown cuticles will be gently cut or eased into shape and your toenails will be shaped. We will also massage your feet with nourishing oils and products and apply a mask in heated boots. If you wish, we can also apply a toenail polish or your choice - or upgrade to a longer-lasting gel polish.

How long will my pedicure take?

A pedicure will usually last between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on your choice of pedicure. We offer everything from a basic file & polish to a classic pedicure or luxury Signature Spa Pedicure.

What should I wear on my feet for a pedicure?

Flip-flops or open sandals are a good choice when visiting your favourite Catford beauty spa for a pedicure. If you are having a long-lasting gel pedicure, you can wear shoes and socks instantly afterwards as your polish will be perfectly 'set'.