Crafting your look with HD Brows

As you may or may not know, HD Brows was added to our services a couple of months ago… after the mass hysteria and publicity around this treatment, we decided to jump in with feet first.

So for those of you not in the know… here is INSPIRE beauty’s take on


HD Brows

In early July 2012 Debenhams caused a stir with a press release which said that even before someone opens their mouth to speak, the shape of their eyebrows has revealed which region of the country they come from.  Whether you agree or not with the Debenhams’ “brow-o-meter” viewpoint one important fact which emerges from the press release and subsequent discussions is the way in which eyebrows have assumed an important place in our beauty routines.

In fact eyebrow grooming has come a long way from the days when the only options were to ignore our brows or to pluck them out and paint false ones in their place. One eyebrow grooming technique which is taking the beauty world by storm is HD Brows.  The HD (or high definition) Brows technique was launched in 2011 at a star studded party and has already been named as one of Yahoo’s 10 British Beauty Trends.

At its heart, the HD Brows process is based upon individual design.  This means that look, face shape, hair design and personality are taken into account before settling on a style.  The treatment itself is a seven step process which on average needs to be repeated every four weeks.  Depending on your own individual brow requirements after analysis the treatment will work through tinting, waxing, trimming, threading, tweezing followed by a finishing process and advice on aftercare.

All HD Brows technicians have been trained in the process and understand both the HD Brows technique and products.  Whilst most treatments result in an instant best look, those who have extensively plucked their brows may need additional treatments whilst their plucked brows grow out before a finished look is perfected.

For those who wonder if adding a HD Brows treatment to their existing beauty routine is a step too far we can only say that the world has woken up to the beauty of brows and will be watching.  Your brow shape can make a huge difference to your appearance; slimming or softening your look and in some cases helping you to look younger.  HD Brows has received many celebrity endorsements and Katie Price has even been so impressed that she has learnt how to apply the HD Brows technique herself.

We look after our bodies.  We spend time perfecting hair and nails, eyes and lips.  Now we need to add eyebrows to the list.  After all, whilst a wise person once said that the eyes are the windows to the soul we don’t want to reveal our souls through a veil of shaggy unkempt brows or the “brow-o-meter” may just say something about us that is best kept to ourselves.

Celebrity Brow Definition with HD Brows

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